Video from the Arkansas Bend Megawebs (Fall 2016)

Here is my best shot of the webs I visited on Sunday. Sorry about the shakiness, this was my first time using the video feature on my camera!


Back to it this summer!

Hey everyone,

The school year is finally starting to wind down, and I have so many spider adventures to talk about (and more to come, hopefully!).

Will finally be back to work on the blog in a week or two, so stay tuned!




Hi everyone and welcome to my spider blog! Want to learn more about these poor, misunderstood organisms? Well, so do I!

I am a first year graduate student in an evolution, ecology, and behavior program, interested in studying spiders and their parasites with little (OK, zero) background in arachnology, and some background in parasitology. Therefore, I have started this blog in order to document my adventure into the world of spiders, and to inform others about the diversity and necessity of spiders in ecosystems around the world.

Topics I hope to cover and things you can find in this blog:

1) Misconceptions about spiders (and arachnids in general)

2) Coverage of interesting and current spider research

3) My own spider research stories and pictures from field work

4) More! Tell me if there’s something about spiders that you’re interested in learning more about. Keep in mind, I’m very new to arachnology, but I hope to increase my knowledge and yours through this blog!